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We are here to help maintain your professional licensure and certifications.

Our team of licensed professionals welcome you to participate in our Continuing Education Courses that will keep your license up-to-date.

We Provide

  • Education Courses that will strengthen your skills in your profession
  • Membership to our networked organization that will connect you with positions, certifications, teaching opportunities and more.
  • The latest updates in continuing education courses on diverse topics that will make you a greater utility player on your professional team.
  • Opportunities to take certification assessments in English, Spanish and/or Creole.

100% Scholarship

We will provide 100% scholarship in online education courses such as:

Home Health Aide and Clinical Lab Technician (Phlebotomy & EKG Technician)

Flexible Schedule

Most course work is offered online, so you can log in and work on your continuing education courses, or career skill courses anytime, 24/7.

For Continuing Education Units, once you complete the final assessment, you receive a certificate and we update your CEU account with the hours you earned!

Online & Offline courses

We post assignments and deadlines, you work on them and submit them! It’s that simple!

Just a few hours for an opportunity to gain skills for building a long standing career is well worth it!

Popular Online Courses

Check out some of our most popular online continuing education courses offered now.

Asthma Nursing Part II Non-Pharmacological Treatment

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Influenza: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

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