Correctional Nursing

Last updated: December 8, 2020

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to encounter a wide variety of illnesses, diseases, and injuries due to the nature of nursing.  Responsibilities include caring for inmates with acute or chronic illnesses, and a government or private organization to employ them. Job growth is expected to significantly rise as the demand for correctional nurses increases according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Contact Hours:  2.0

Course Price:    $20.00


Eagle Professional Services (EPS) is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Florida Board of Nursing, CE provider # 50-29522.

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About this Course

You must score 80% or better on the test and complete the course evaluation tool to earn a certificate of completion for this CE activity.  The information provided is for educational purposes.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the qualities and characteristics of a successful correctional nurse.
  • Describe expectations and the typical duties of a correctional nurse.
  • Explore and discuss what the nurse should consider prior to becoming a correctional nurse.
  • Identify and understand the legal expectations of a nurse and typical policies at a correctional institution.
  • Identify common pathogens related to correctional nursing and an institutionalized population.
  • Explore and identify special considerations for the institutionalized population.
  • Identify and describe common injuries within the workplace for correctional nurses.
  • Identify strategies and ways the correctional nurse can maintain safety within the workplace.